This Middle Eastern dip goes well with almost ANYTHING!!!! It just takes 5 ingredients ,a blender and 10 minutes of your time. So lets get started.

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Cooked chickpeas(canned/fresh)- 420 gms(do not throw away the water after cooking . If you are using canned chickpeas keep the water that comes with it)

Tahini paste-  4-7 tbsp ( depends on personal taste)

garlic cloves –  3-5


olive oil

paprika( optional)

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Grind all the ingredients into a fine paste. Do Not add all the water at once . Add water according to the consistency of the dip. Empty it into a bowl and garnish it with a splash of olive oil and a pinch of paprika.


Tahini has a very strong flavor so add little by little and according to your taste.

If tahini paste is not available the closest replacement for it is peanut butter. But try using tahini because the flavor is still quite different and peanut butter is just a last resort.






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